Scarlet Dreams

I believed that fate doesn’t exist.
I knew that love can be brutal.
And chemistry at first sight? Pure delusion.

Until he came along…

Determined and goal-driven, Scarlet knows exactly what she wants from life, and she isn’t wasting any time on unproductive things like love. But when Christian White appears out of nowhere, her whole world is turned upside down.

Hot, full of charisma and (you guessed it…) filthy rich,Christian is a delicious distraction that Scarlet isn’t prepared to handle. But it’s not like he’s asking her permission when he destroys all of her notions about fate,
and most of all, explosive chemistry.

But she was right about one thing – love can be brutal.

Scarlet Dreams is the first book from a romance trilogy filled with unexpected choices, heartwarming moments and love that is more true than any Mr. and Mrs. Right story can ever offer. It’s a story about two goal-driven people finding love that has power to either ruin everything they have worked for or rise them higher than they’ve ever been. A love story where “love” gets a whole different meaning.

This story was born over six years of frustration, excitement, fear and finally, immense satisfaction that it is ready to be shared. In truth, this story was written as a kind of rebellion against the largely promoted belief in Romance novels that everything will fit into place as long as love is present.

“I believe if you choose a person, choose to support them, then that love is stronger than anything. It’s not falling in love. It’s choosing to love.”

– Christian White (“Scarlet Dreams” Book 1)

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