My First Blog Post

The Story Behind “Scarlet Dreams”

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Truth is, I never wanted to be a full time author. And the fact is that I still don’t. I want to be way more than that. “Scarlet Dreams” was never a project about writing. Not at all. It was a selfish desire to create a story where I didn’t have to love and hate the characters at the same time. Instead, I wrote a story where I could wholeheartedly understand the reason behind every character’s actions and decisions and relate to them, love them, and feel their pain.

I know that you’re probably thinking “Hey, but there are so many authors out there who write books like that” and I will agree with you. There are. But I haven’t managed to find a romance book that puts selflove above romantic love. For me, it was important to finally read about two people who love themselves, what they’ve been given and who they can become. When those two people meet, it will create a relationship deeper than any Mr. and Mrs. Right story ever could. That was what I wanted to read about. So I wrote it. For myself. If you like it too, that’s just an extra bonus.

The reason “Scarlet Dreams” is out on the bookshelves, is because I wanted to spread the message. There are millions of books out there about “bad boys”, “sexy selfish billionaires” and so on that women very similar to me just dig. After all, it feels weirdly hot reading how the female lead manages to crack that emotionless mask and make that hot guy fall over his own feet in front of her. I know. I still read those books.

But if I take a moment to think, would I ever want to be in that story? No, I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t want my partner to use abusive substances, because even if it looks cool for some, in a way it also shows disregard toward their own and others’ health, I wouldn’t like being treated with disrespect, and most of all, I would never want to be anyone’s possession. That last one especially is a characteristic that is romantized in the books a lot. There are a lot more characteristics like that in romance books that should not be made to look good in a romantic relationship.

But I’m definitely not an expert in romantic relationships and this is all just my point of view, so that’s why I wrote a fiction story.

And that’s how “Scarlet Dreams” was born.

What kind of symbols in romance stories do you dislike? I’d really like to know, so leave a comment below.

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